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Here are a few video's which influenced me when I first started flying. From basic demonstrations of the wing stalling, through to the theory of flight from a modellers viewpoint and from the full size aviation perspective. I have included some general movie files as well - as they got my attention at the time. None of these are my work but I am unable to credit the producers as I can't find the information. If there are any issues of copyright - just contact me via any of the methods on this site and I will remove the offending item.




P&M Medway Cosmik Thruster

Evektor VL-3 Dynamic YLAC


Airworld Savox Lynx Flycom Micro Avio



Memory Map

Flight Science and Instructional Videos
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Flight manuals

Eurostar |IkarusC42 | Ban-bi | CT2k CTSW | Pioneer 200 | Dynamic