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Here are a few links which you might find useful. I collect them as and when I need information myself.

If you would like to see some more detailed General Aviation documents - please click here

Van's Aircraft RV-10 300 G-RRVX Information General Documents
AIRSPEEDS & IO-540-D Performance card    
Checklists G-Info Filing VFR flight plans
POH Notams Fuel duty drawback explained
D1000 Twin Flight Directors Android Metar Fuel duty drawback claim form
GNS530 GPS Nav/Comm XC Weather VFR Rules UK
SL30 Nav/Comm Airfield Weather Nottingham CAP 804 (Formerly LAZORS)
GMA347 Audio/Comm Controller Skydemon Takeoff Distance calculator
GTX328T Transponder NATS - requires subscription RT discipline for Pilots and ATC
KN64 DME Find co-ordinates altitude Safety Sense RT
GT50T G meter, OAT, Timer Aerodrome Plates UK IFR Procedures
GRRVX (The Beast) Panel photo French Airfield Plates IFR VOR training
Flight manuals Winds Aloft UK - requires subscription Flying in the Manchester CTR
Cessna 172 Skyhawk G1000 GPS format converter FAA Flight Training Manual
Eurostar Free Internet Fax - file flightplan CAP413 - Radiotelephony
IkarusC42 Metars and Taffs CAP452 Radio Station Operators Guidance
Ban-bi . CAP797 FISO Guidance
CT2k CTSW . Spin Avoidance Guide
Pioneer 200 . Mountain Flying Guide
Dynamic . AOPA Guide to Safe Navigating
TLSting . Traffic Pattern
DiamondDA40NG CAP632 Flying Military Jets East Midlands Corridor

Here is a small co-ordinates converter courtesy of Andrew Hedges . Here are plates, routes etc in current use view FLYDATA or Download only