Tom Booth
Losses eliminated, Profit restored, Banks placated, Dragons slain, Arguments settled, Wars won    

Tom Booth today

Tom Booth playing at Jet Pilot

Fast Jet Pilot under tuition+ complex aircraft, night and instrument rated; qualified Scuba diver. Trained first aider inc sports injuries and defibrillator operation; Impaired Business wizzard and Company Doctor. Accomplished Turnaround specialist in retail, service, on-line and manufacturing sectors, now living the dream............

Tom Booth is a retired Business recovery expert with an unequalled track record in his field. In his social life, Tom Booth combines professional qualifications in life saving, scuba diving and aviation with being a budding Trumpet player and serial blood donor - now working on his 10th gallon.

Tom Booth - "I have spent the last three and a half years qualifying at different levels in aviation. General aviation licences in 3 different groups of aircraft and including ratings for complex aircraft, night and instrument flight and including international and European aircrew licences. Now training on fast Jets; so far, take-offs = landings at 14 executed.

Never a dull day and now applying for FAA (North American) Pilot's licence and preparing to study for the South African Pilot's licence for a trip there in October. Yeah.

Below are some recent photo's of Tom Booth living the dream, for a gallery- click here and for the latest JET training photo gallery - please click here

And - bang up to date is my mates and myself flying the Beast in at Church Fenton for their 2015 Flyin